Hello everyone!

I have gotten many questions about how I did this milk bath photoshoot. It is not difficult at all and on this post I will explain how I did and what I used.


Milk bath says it all why the water is white! Lol. Well, even with this being so obvious I was still confused about how did she do, to the water turn white? Did she really pour milk into the bathtub? The only thing that came to my head: that must be very expensive, imagine how many gallons would have to buy to fill the tub… Yes, you have to pour milk, but i will tell you it only cost me $2.98! you don’t really need to buy gallons and gallons of milk, instead, you can use powder milk. Mixing powder milk with water also can make it white. Bingo! 😉

I bought a box of powder milk (with 3 small packs inside) at HEB, but you can find it at any grocery store. I put it in the tub and turned the water on hot, almost to the top! Hot water because by the time you set everything and your model get ready to get in, it is going to me warm, and believe me, depending on how long you will be shooting, water will get cold and your model won’t be 100% comfortable anymore. I bought the flowers and used the petals and cut some, BUT it did not want to stay “on” the water, it would simply flip side ways. Oh, so disappointing! But i found online you can use those bubble wrap and do like this on the picture:

Image result for flowers and bubble plastic

Too late, I wish I knew before, but that is ok, I will sure do it next time.

After setting the bathtub and the petals in it, I got my light box facing down, asked my model to careful get in and started photo shooting! I cannot share many pictures because it was boudoir/nude and she’s not confident to share it yet, but she allowed me to post the ones she has lingerie on, so here we go! Stay tune on the social media, because soon I will be uploading more on there  Facebook  ⇔ Instagram


Thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to share it and or try at home! 🙂


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