If anybody ever ask me why I choose to be a Photographer, that is going to be my answer:


Photography is my passion. It all started when I decided to travel outside my home country. I learned all what I had to learn about photography, but experiencing it was the most amazing. Getting a camera and going out to photograph people, see their smile behind camera, their happiness. It is just BEAUTIFUL. I love art, music, instruments, cameras… It is like I always say: If you love what you do and do what you love, you do with passion, doesn’t matter the price. Doing what you love is priceless. I have given as gift so many photoshoot or charged people less prices, BUT why, Vanessa? Sometimes people want to have a photograph of their family, their dogs, themselves, but they cannot afford paying a photographer to do it, and so they don’t. And all that memories from 10, 15, 20, years later stay blurry in their mind… Photograph does not blur, your memory may do. I wish I had professional pictures of me when was born, of my childhood with my brothers I don’t have it. I have one here and there. Being a photographer has opened my eyes to so many things such as, the art behind certain pictures, the beauty of a man/woman who think they are not attractive enough, happiness of people when they are photographed, and so on. It all make me so happy to tell them, look right, look left, down, hands on your chin, now on your hips, there we go, brilliant, beautiful… This is an incentive for them to feel comfortable and amazing just the way they are. A photographer has the power in their hands to make people feel good. To turn out that moment to be THE moment. THE big day. THE wonderful day! So, people, don’t fade your star, let it shine!


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