Gabriel’s Photoshoot – Newborn Photographs

Recent Newborn Photo Session I did… How much I love doing newborn photos? \   thiiiiiss much   / I just love it. I always feel like welcoming the babies to this world, making the day they born into pictures, memorable pictures. If you are pregnant PLEASE do your baby photo session professionally. Do the best to your kids. When they grew up, and see such nice pictures of themselves, they will feel so proud and say: “Mommy did not care about prices when decided to hire a photographer to professionally do pictures of me when was a baby, I feel important”. 😀 😀  Do not only keep memories in your mind, keep them into photographs, too. ❤ “Capturing the moments of today that will WOW your heart tomorrow. Book your photoshoot with me. If you’re pregnant close to due, I can do your maternity photo and newborn, for a friendly price. Message me. Forward this post to your pregnant friends. THANK YOU! 



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